Tuesday, September 29, 2009


There was a wedding at my parents house. No, mine didn't renew their vows. My mother's best friend was married, and it was lovely. And my mother, Ann, did a beautiful job of creating and executing the wedding decor. A few photos snapped during the day:

At the request of the groom, there was a commercial-grade margarita machine. The next day was pretty rough.

10:25 p.m.

The risk of deportation was not tempting enough to give up my return flight. Alas, I am (if not a little begrudgingly) home. After a week a higher-than-usual amount of all-nighters and choosing between toast and rice cakes for dinner, I decided to finally initiate myself back into my kitchen. Although, the oven was acting up. I think he missed me.

Sweet Chilli and Cheddar Chicken with roasted potatoes and a refreshing spinach salad. Wine to boot. Tums to boot too.

But, lots of good and wonderful and exciting things are happening at the moment. Perhaps I'll let you know someday. For now, I hope you're eating lots of crispy apples in this almost-October weather.