Friday, November 6, 2009

8:55 a.m.

Is it too early to make my semi-Victorian inspired holiday wishlist? In the spirit of 70-degree weather, here is Part 1:

British Design 2010 is released today. Beautifully designed by Taxi Studio, the book's title is pretty self-explanatory.

Perhaps this limited-edition copy of the Pictorial Websters is a bit out of my price range. I don't think the $4,600 price tag is swing-able, but the trade edition is doable ($35!).

John Carrera spent a decade putting the book together, and he made a wonderful video about it. Check it out:

The work of Bernadette Griesemer conjures a mix of the macabre, self-deprecating humor, and natural, dream-like ideas that are brought to life by a variety of textures and materials. I think of her jewelry as sculpture rather than embellishment, and the pieces require interaction. The bird's chest opens up to reveal a scroll of paper that unwinds. It would does wonders for the imagination and a tailored tweed blazer. Griesemer's work can be found at Orr Street Studios, and "Artificial Resuscitation" (seen above) is for sale at the Perlow-Stevens Gallery.

Thanks to jacquard, puffed sleeves, corset waists and high collars, I can fully embrace the tournant du si├Ęcle look with a twist of today. I love the adventurous, Robin Hood-esque quality of these boots. I think Little John would approve.

100 classic Penguin covers in postcard form.

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