Sunday, December 27, 2009

7:42 p.m. (The Best Christmas Ever)

Yes every Christmas is great. It's fun to be with family, but this year was different; far less complicated than last (too much trouble to get into the details), and I also wasn't sitting next to a talkative (and deathly ill) German woman on a terribly uncomfortable overnight flight to London. Instead, we ventured out onto snow-covered highways towards our annual Christmas Eve party, and we woke up back at home, in sleepy Parkville, to a very white wonderland.

Here are a few gifts given and received:

Already hooked.

I am so happy I waited and didn't check this out from the library.
The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman

First Edition. Woop!

Nabokov's novel on pop-out-able notecards designed by my favorite, Chip Kidd

An imaginative and whimsical zine by Rob Matthews and Tom Edwards Roband published by It's Nice That

The cutest Avenging Narwhal set a girl could ask for

We're All In This Together Bears Bowl

Did I mention I'm a lucky girl?

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