Wednesday, March 17, 2010

9:29 p.m.

Onion Skins and Armor was a great show. We had a wonderful turnout, and we received encouraging and positive feedback. Many thanks to Joel, his wife Jeni, Tom, Melik and Jason, who helped frame, hang, host, etc (everything that made the show possible).

It was a busy, but amazingly fun day spent with friends. And the sunset couldn't have been more beautiful. Here's how it went down: Urban Outfitters splurging; Winstead's grilled cheese eating; show hanging; iced chai tea sipping; sun-sitting; show opening; lots 'o fun chatting; delicious dumpling chowmping; pretty-disappointing-but-not-gonna-ruin-the-night dessert having; happy sleeping.

Onion Skins and Armor is on view until the end of March by appointment only. Contact me if you're interested in seeing the show, and I'll help you set something up!

Photos by Tom Loughlin

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