Saturday, October 23, 2010

Gobble For Entries!

Hobby Lobby already smells like Christmas, but I’ve got pumpkin pie on my mind.

To commemorate my first Thanksgiving across the pond, I’m inviting you to contribute to a small publication about all things turkey, cranberry and gravy.

Send me your memories, stories, photos, illustrations, family t-shirt designs, recipes and childhood crafts.

What do you remember about your favorite Thanksgiving? What do you try to forget? After stuffing yourself full of stuffing, do you trudge outside to release family tension in a rousing game of tackle football? Share your recipe for perfect tofurkey!

In the spirit of breaking bread, your submissions will be compiled in a zine for all to share on Thanksgiving Day. Submit via e-mail, blog comments, Facebook, or my favorite: snail mail! Any originals that are posted overseas will be sent back after I’ve scanned and added them to the zine.

Contact me with questions, and get those ideas cooking! Deadline: November 17


rocco said...

Hi, how are you?? long time I haven't passed in your blog. It looks so nice as always! don't have any experience in thanksgiving. I wish you a nice Sunday :)

Kristin said...

What a better way to commemorate Thanksgiving than with a group contribution of sorts! I'll be sure to send you something- perhaps the menu for my second annual Alternative Thanksgiving??