Thursday, March 31, 2011

5:11 p.m. Big News!

Last January, I discovered Fire & Knives, a British-based food quarterly, published and edited by the many-hat-wearing Tim Hayward. F&K explores the history and culture of food and features writers of all kinds with interesting, funny, smart things to say about food.

For more than a year, I filled a digital folder with ideas to send in for consideration.

A year later, I took a cooking class at Jamie Oliver's restaurant with Tim Hayward. We made mushroom risotto, and I gave him a copy of my zine, Not French Cooking, which he happened to like! A few months after that, I pitched and wrote the piece that is now on Page 74 of F&K no. 6. I don't like to do a lot of self-horn-tooting, but I am just a bit over-the-moon.

Speaking of tooting ! — "Fierce Poison" is a bit of a coming-out party for me, as a writer and food-eater:

"My days are consumed by thoughts of food and its power over me. I struggle to reconcile the physical pain and general bathroom grossness in order to enjoy what is delicious. Because I love food. Eating transcends my senses. With the citrus bite of a lime comes an acidic, shooting pain in my stomach; but also the associative smell of garlic and coriander and the fierce memory of discovering happiness in tacos al pastor at the counters of Mexican dives scattered through the rough neighborhoods of Kansas City."

If you have a chance, buy the current issue, or subscribe to Fire & Knives because it is a very fine publication (and certainly not because I'm in it!).

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