Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm thrilled that Meredith is finally finished. It has been an exhausting semester, and as much as I enjoyed being part of the Renovate Style design, it was definitely time for things to end. I had fun listening to all of the presentations, and I'm glad the Meredith folks could fly in. It's always great to get feedback on your work too. I appreciated what they had to say about the redesign. Sometimes you can't be sure if they will understand, but I'm glad they were open to new ideas. After all, they won't be using them! I was a little taken aback when someone mentioned slapping ideas on the page. I think it summed up what we're fighting against. Perhaps people don't realize that we are young designers, but we do think things through. Although I'm absolutely sick of the phrase, we do practice content-driven design, and you can rest assured that things are carefully placed with consideration. Anyway, that's enough for now.

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chelsea said...

Sarah Handelman doesn't just slap white bars around!
Check out my Meredith response; I am a huge advocate of establishing a magazine's visual identity as opposed to playing it safe. Great work creative director!