Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You can't miss: I'm on ffffound

Ffffound is my favorite blog. It's the best place to find all kinds of new work, designers and inspiration. So imagine my surprise when I ffffound my own work up there!

In other news, Made by Many has designed Oola Moola, a blog for its client, Hearst Digital. It's fun, quirky and all about living well on a budget. Julia Wojcicka is the project's designer, and she said that one of the best parts about the project was that there was hardly any brief. Wow! That's refreshing to hear—there are clients who trust their designers and who are open to new ideas. Julia does a great job of combining found and digital elements to create something interactive but still very crafty and tangible. Lots of colors, layers, kind of girly but in a good way. I love her idea board, too:

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