Thursday, July 29, 2010

12:27 p.m.

Katja Mater is kind of a nerd — but in the most clever and creative sort of way. Her photography is simple, dry-humored, and frank. And she documents staged moments as if they were in real-time. She's a visual journalist under a tight deadline. Her observations are spot-on and her execution of retelling or creating the story is like all of my favorite writers: quick-witted, sharp and just a little bit sexy. Mater examines subjects ranging from the very logical and straightforward series of blurred, photocopied books entitled Summaries, to the ethereal Dancers, in which ghostly human forms sway in sparse interior and exterior landscapes.

What is most refreshing about Mater, though, is her keen sense of self-humor. Her series called My Portfolio and Celebrating RGB Color Space are perfect examples of an artist who can keep people intrigued by examining the very personal; one who knows how to cause a reaction but makes it look effortless.

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