Wednesday, January 27, 2010

11:02 p.m.

A few thoughts:

-I will never be convinced that anyone who sells magazines door-to-door is legitimately selling magazines. EVEN if you have a website and EVEN if you have received a "B" rating from the Better Business Bureau.

-Maybe I am being to tough on Nick McDonell. Perhaps his novel is more than perfectly adequate within the appropriate genre. After watching Bright Star again last night, I have most likely developed a subconscious comparison between Keats, one of the most brilliant poets ever who died only a quarter century into his life, and anyone else my age who writes anything less substantive than La Belle Dame Sans Merci. It's not fair. I'll get over it, but just give me a second or two.

-If, two days ago, I found the very nice, once-lost lip balm I purchased a year ago, does that mean a year from now, I will find the very nice, now-lost lip balm I received this past Christmas?

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