Monday, January 25, 2010

8:53 p.m.

I have started a low-gluten diet, and things are going well. I feel great, but so far I'm a little burnt out on brown rice. So, to celebrate my new restriction (ha!) and implement a little imagination and variety, I will be partaking in the Week of No (or virtually no) Wheat.

Sadly, I wasn't that hungry tonight, but I wanted to get things off with a bang — and I really needed to use up the rest of the brown rice that I made last night — so I made a bunch of food, and the bit I did have was delicious. The plus: Now I have yummy lunches for a couple of days. Hooray!

I have to say, the photos aren't particularly attractive—just trust me.

Baked kale chips — the best!!!

Roasted sweet potato, brown rice and black beans in a cute corn tortilla. Salad of edamame, red peppers, tomato, corn and garlic.

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