Sunday, February 14, 2010

11:58 p.m.

I am so pleased to announce that I will be curating Onion Skins & Armor, which is a collection of works by my dear and super-talented artist-friend Joel Sager. The opening is part of next month's First Fridays, so if you are in the Kansas City area, please stop by the Stairway Art Space on March 5.

Notes on the exhibit:

Onion Skins and Armor is a collection of work by Joel Sager that explores the utilization of everyday objects as a means of protection and self-preservation. Predictable, and oftentimes inanimate things are the barriers between us the living and the living world.

We talk through miles of wire, and although voices exchange greetings, it is a contact-less encounter. One pulls on dress socks and shoes only to never feel the grass beneath his feet. Complex exoskeletons, poisons and specialized antennae enable species with the chance to survive a lifetime. Clothing, caffeine and kitchen utensils can provide a sense of safety, but these are adaptations that simply get us through the day.

Set alone against aging tapestries and worn wood floors, both the banality and brilliance of Sager's chosen objects is illuminated. Without a context, these necessities take on a fragility of their own, one that resembles the vulnerability they were once intended to protect.

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