Saturday, April 10, 2010

5:11 p.m.

I eat blood oranges in plain yogurt with honey on the sunny spot of my couch. Turned slightly, I catch the mauve tones of the blooming redbud out my window.
Mid-morning light
Redbud. If only I cleaned my windows more.

After breakfast, I decide it is a bright red lipstick day. Bright red lipstick looks smashing with denim shirts over black Audrey Hepburn cigarette pants and a messy bun high-atop my head. I do some work, and despite the low height of the couch compared to the Parsons coffee table, it is worth it to sit near a sunny window and listen to Francoise Hardy, who reminds me that my eyebrows are looking a little too French lately, and so I make an appointment to have them looked after. They can't fit me in UNTIL TUESDAY!
Old lipstick, and NO, I will not show you the state of my eyebrows.

Though it is expensive and unfortunate, today is also a good day to get locked out of my house and wait for the locksmith, a very well-fragranced man named Tom Devine, who didn't pick a lock at all. Instead he climbed in through the window, and let me in.

I learn my lesson. I have a spare key made, buy new red lipstick and buy more yogurt and spinach.

Then, 4:21 rolls around, and I think of my grandparents, who drink a martini every day at 4:21. I don't have anything to make a martini, so I make a gin and tonic. It is a tad strong, and I realize I have not eaten enough today. Then I apply my new red lipstick, which will also look smashing with my vintage swing dress that I'll put on later.

Sorry, Hans. But, I adore you and the Serpentine and this book so much I've read it twice. I think that warrants using it as a plate for delicious happy hour snacks.
New lipstick. Still no eyebrows. You would quit reading this blog if you knew the truth.


Kristin said...

Obsessed with that shade on you. I need a good red. What brand is that?

Holley said...

Sarah! It is SO nice to hear from you and I'm incredibly flattered that you read my blog! I have so much fun reading Come Out and Play, and I wish I looked a quarter as good as you do in red lipstick. Love you lots and hope you're doing well!