Monday, July 20, 2009

10:16 p.m.

Too late for a real dinner, but this really hit the spot. Also, I have never been more excited about drinking water—I finally replaced my filter and it is delicious (the water, not the filter).
Grilled asparagus and sliced tomato with melted mozzarella over a toasted whole wheat English muffin. Topped off with a bit of black pepper.

In other news, I needed a trashy, brainless book to refresh after reading Michael Chabon and Philip Roth back-to-back. It's filled to the brim with gossip and cheeky banter, and the seafoam green cover is actually quite cute. The three main characters are all journalist-types, and it got me thinking: why is it that, in "chick-lit" and romantic comedies, a majority of the leading ladies practice journalism? Okay, perhaps I don't live in New York and perhaps I don't write for a super-glossy fashion title, but I mean, come on. There is nothing glamorous about waiting for pages to send (which all designers—and even writers—must endure) or photoshopping the nose-hair out of some old dude's portrait, even if you happen to be wearing Louboutins. Just a thought. Anyway, I'm gonna go finish this book.

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