Sunday, July 19, 2009

Eat This

I'm not sure if it's little or kind of known, but a fact about me is that I enjoy cooking. Despite my dangerous sweet tooth, I am not a baker. But, with the right amount of sea salt, wine and veggies, I can turn around a more than half-way decent meal in about 30 minutes.

On a typical school night, I couldn't get around to cooking until 9:30. Still, I have no complaints about the dinner—gnocchi, garlic, asparagus, peppers, spinach, white wine and a bit of mature cheddar—I ate for at least 70 percent of my senior year of college. It was flavorful, filling and took 10 minutes to make.*

Since graduating and starting my new job, I've become a bit more adventurous in the kitchen. I've been experimenting more with ingredients, and have developed a new-found love for sesame oil. I have a few favorite foodie blogs and writers, and I draw inspiration from what they're using. Still, there's nothing quite like creating even the simplest dinner on your own accord.

At the moment, I struggle with my bad habit of compulsive stirring and opening the oven too often to check on food. I'm learning that, although less movement and slower cooking seem like no-brainers, they are difficult practices to master.

Still, I think continuing to make tasty dinners (for usually 1) on a first-job budget will prove to make this year interesting. I'm hoping to get more creative and better at re-using unique ingredients.

To keep myself (and anyone who reads this thing) motivated about cooking and trying new things, I'll be posting snacks, dinners and anything else I venture to make. Yum!

Farmers market zucchini, mushrooms, tomato and red peper in a garlic-y, buttery, white wine delicious sauce.

Blackened sesame Salmon over fresh stir-fried vegetables and white rice.

Red and yellow Tomato Salad, with Goatsbeard Farm goat cheese, cucumbers, green onions and basil. Ooh, and a tasty slice of cucumber in water.

S almon marinated in honey, sesame oil and almonds. Served over udon noodles and crunchy mixed greens (edamame, bok choy, red peppers, snow peas, chopped leaf lettuce).

*For those unfamiliar with gnochhi (pronounced no-kee), the potato-based pasta is ready after about 3 minutes in boiling water.

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