Sunday, April 5, 2009


With Epic at the printers and having checked the proofs on Friday, I took a little design hiatus this week. I focused mostly on Renovate Style designs and presentations, taking naps and going to a couple of great shows—something I haven't done in Columbia in what feels like ages.
I did, though, throw together an invite for the Epic Release party. It's a rip of what I did for those old Vox covers, but I think it works better here.

We had a productive meeting with the Renovate Style publishers on Wednesday, and, miraculously, things seem on schedule. Of course, on Sunday we made some major edits to pages that had already been designed, but I think they look much better and are more in-line with the magazine's mission. We'll be working on more departments and features this week. I'll need to choose a few cover options and work on the Table of Contents as soon as I get copy.

Tom was busy this week putting together Limehouse, a free arts magazine that will be distributed throughout Dublin. He's working on it right now. I'm trying not to bug him, but it looks so good! He's promised to let me put up a few pages for you to see. It goes to the printers this week just in time for the launch party with Urban Outfitters. So cooly cool, right? I'll make sure to post a link to the website/myspace page when it's up and running. Makes me wish The Publisher commissioned fashion/art prototypes!

I hate to say it, but I've made no progress on my mini portfolio. I keep getting stuck on the ideas. I think, with deadlines looming, the best option at this point is to make a choice and stick with it. Maybe I'll have something to show you (or at least some solid ideas) by next week. Actually, I guess I'll have to.

I'm working on a bespoke little graduation announcement, but it's not much for now. I'm more concerned about the cupcakes that will be at the party! I want these!

Meanwhile, I'm interviewing Julia Hoffman, the Creative Director of the Museum of Modern Art to talk about trends and the industry. She (and Paula Scher) were the brains behind the museum's brilliant and recently unveiled redesign. I'm looking forward to getting some much-needed insight into this corner of the industry. Also, since I'm in the middle of a redesign myself, it's exciting to talk to someone who does it all so amazingly well.

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Kristin said...

Cool stuff, Tom! I really like the type on that cover...

...I also really like those cupcakes. How do I score an invite to the party so I can eat one?