Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Response: Websites

We've all worked so hard this semester to not only become more fluent in the programs we already know, but we've also spent tons of time learning new ones. As members of the techno-savvy generation, it's funny to me that we were initially so frightened of Dreamweaver and Flash. We weren't this way with programs like InDesign and Illustrator—we jumped right in. So why are these so scary? Obviously, there are infinite layers to the web. It's not really like a magazine, which has been tweaked and tweaked so much that in some instances, there are right and wrong ways to design it. With the web, there's more fluidity—flexibility. The anything goes-to-a-certain-extent attitude is intimidating. Looking at a blank page in Dreamweaver is much more daunting than a blank page in InDesign. The web makes things move and interact unlike print. It's exciting, but I still don't understand 10 percent of it. Yet, I do want to get to know it.

I find myself a little regretful of turning down the web design classes offered by my high school. I didn't want to be in web design with a bunch of geeky boys who only played computer games! Well, now I know I was wrong. I should have signed up!

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