Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Critique: Week 6

It's been a fun week. The Design Center moved into its new space, sans any shelving or storage. We're keeping our inspiration--posters, magazines, books--in cardboard boxes for now. We do have big, beautiful desks and cool swively chairs...ooh and carpet tiles. We also have a hilarious new Didjlight. vertical glass lamp that !!doubles!! as a didgeridoo. If you walk by our floor-to-ceiling glass walls you'll probably notice that we've all gone native and now only speak, in the words of my friend Derek Zoolander, Ambidigital.

We also have a giant, rubber red leather chaise. Since all of us share the phobia of either lying down or sleeping in public, I'm sure it will get a lot of use. This is what we look like sitting on it.

Besides adjusting to the new environment, I designed a few logo prototypes for the MBA Association at MU. This is the one they picked. Eh, not my favorite, but I'm glad they're excited about it. It's hard to get a lot of the professional student organizations to like anything besides Trajan Pro.

I also designed a little flyer for Four Front's presentation of Geri Jewell (I've never heard of her, but I like the crinkly background!)

Over the weekend I designed a department for Vox, which isn't terribly exciting. BUT! I did get to design a brochure that I'm quite excited about. It's for the Fiber Arts Tour & Exhibits that will take place this summer in Columbia.

I used different textures to give the design more depth. After all, it is a fibers exhibit. You'll notice I used Helvetica throughout. I think the structure of the font plays well off of the unpredictability of working with fibers. For me, it's also a timeless font, and works well with the fact that works from contemporary artsists as well as ancient Peruvian textiles will be shown. I'm also happy with the way my map has turned out on the back. That was a lot of fun to create in Illustrator.

This week, I'll be putting together the style guide for Renovate Style Magazine. Also I'll be layout out the early stages of this year's Epic Magazine. I need to start brainstorming feature illustrations for it, so I can have a few ready to go. Hmm, I think that's about it. Lots to do.

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