Saturday, March 28, 2009

You Can't Miss

As much as I despise the Microsoft Office Suite, it's used by virtually everyone (including me *guh!). I had troubles in the past with trying to create something that can be updated in Microsoft Word and look good at the same time. It's difficult, but luckily Creative Techs 0ffers a solution. Why not just convert your InDesign file to a Word Document? Duh! And they've even created the step-by-step instructions that allows designers to still make pretty, usable projects for clients who don't have access to Adobe programs. Hooray for PDFs!

Made by Many has recently gone through it's list of stuff that's floated around the office through the month of March. I had found a couple of the items on the list around the Onlines, but thought that posting the list would be more fun. Just goes to show how many different ways people can be reached.

SlagsmÄlsklubben - Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.

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