Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Response: Organization

Art met yesterday to talk about our approach to Renovate Style. It's great to be on a team with three other extremely talented, smart and creative people. What's even more fantastic is that every time I leave a conversation with one or two or all of us, I feel like we accomplish something and that we all know where we're headed. I think the important thing for me, on this project, is to be extremely organized and on the ball with our side of the redesign. It seems like a given, but being really well-organized takes TIME! and I'm getting used to it.

On that note, organization and communication have been major themes throughout many of my design experiences this semester. Whether it's simply slapping numbered post-its on 30+ design samples for a quick critique or figuring out a way to organize hours and hours of ideas into a 10 minute Keynote pitch, my life is getting a little color-coded and tabbed. Which is probably a good thing?

I do miss the spontaneity of sunny, warm days and the feeling that it is okay if I skip a few classes. Maybe I'm coming to terms with my entry into Responsibilitydom, but I've gradually noticed how planned and listed my life has become. It's great because I can keep track of a lot of different, exciting, creative and even spontaneously driven projects, but every now and then I'd like to escape for a day or two.

Diagonsis: I think I need spring break and a certain someone to make his trek across the Atlantic.


Jennifer said...

I can definitely relate to your organization woes. Personally, I try to be organized, but it doesn't always last long. Recently my weeks have been mapped out by to-do lists. I'm also looking forward to a little bit of warm weather, even if it does bring responsibility a little bit closer. Good luck with everything!

ann said...

I have found throughout my journey that the best way to be organized is to have other people do it for you. ie. my weekly call to a friend on mondays works when she calls me, otherwise i call her on wed. and say hi its your mon. call, and she sputters and says oh "my mon. call on wed., nice".
so hang in there and make tons of money so you can hirer people to do your organizing for you!

design.by.emily said...

I think we all know what you mean about this organization issue. I feel like my planner has never been so full as it is at the moment. I'm thankful for it at times, but other times, I agree, I'd love to just get away for a day or two and not have to think about projects and ... other classes?