Monday, March 16, 2009

You Can't Miss

Major props Andrea Guinn, a friend I met through the Design Center who was also a Magazine Design student last year. Her work is being published in a graphic design book that explores young and upcoming designers and how they modernize older methods of design, such as serigraphy and lithography. She has two pieces that will be featured in the book, and I've already told her I'm telling everyone I know.

The book is called Naive: Modernism and Folklore in Contemporary Graphic Design, and it will be released in April.

Naive addresses the influence of designers such as the legendary Saul Bass and Alexander Girard, and how their work translates to the aesthetic of today. Just shows how history repeats itself, but that there are always new ideas to be commended.

Meanwhile, over at Made by Many, the talk of the town is the blog's quick hop across the pond for SXSW. The blog makes a disappointing post about the future of newspapers in the United States. At the festival, the New York Times made a presentation about they're "success" and future online. From the description, it sounds like the whole presentation was poorly executed and pretty grim. People left early! People left early from a conference with the New York Times!! Anyway, the speakers say that the paper product itself provides more spontaneity than the New York Times website--which is absurd. And then they go on to say that they're really good at large online ads. Well, that's just great. But ads aren't gonna help you in this recession.

Tim Malbon of Made by Many goes on to say:

"Across the industry, we’re looking at a sudden collapse rather than a managed transition, but it’s noteworthy and encouraging for us Brits that our newspapers seem to ‘get it’ much more than our US cousins. It is utterly unthinkable that the Guardian or Telegraph would make the kind of presentation we saw yesterday, and it’s clear that both are gearing up very quickly for the next surge towards becoming Web-driven products.

What about innovation? What about hiring new blood? What about taking risks?
Time is running out! Get it together you Media Newspaper Giants of America. Because the British Dream just doesn't sound as pretty as the American one.

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Kristin said...

I love that poster with the face! Lately I have been wanting to do more with layering and transparencies like this design does. Thanks for the inspiration!