Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You Can't Miss

My interpretation of a job search.

This week, you can't miss Junior, a blog of anything budding, bushy-eyed, graduate designers would want to know about the the big, scary world of design. Although some content pertains to those living in Australia, a lot of the interviews deal with universal feelings, worries and thoughts on getting a job--from the perspective of the one applying and the one who is hiring.

I thought this entry was particularly helpful, and what is addressed is something I've been thinking a lot about. These days you need a really good answer to the question: Why do you want to work for X Company? What you really need is a plan. I've been thinking of my plans. Sometimes planning the plans involves lots of conversations with myself or, more often, conversations with an imaginary Hiring Director. What can I say to convince you that I don't just want a job, but I want this job? Simon Hakim of the Aussie-based firm The Surgery says that, yeah you're resume looks great, you're highly qualified and you're a team player. But so what?

"By the sounds of it all, you just want a job. You don’t really know why, other than you’d be good at whatever it is you are applying for. You just really want to work there or you kinda just need the money.

I won’t employ someone who doesn’t really know what they want or can offer me or my clients.

I want someone saying:

“You guys could soon be the hottest creative agency, but your work can be improved, and I’ll show you how to get there” or;

“I want to be creative director in five years time” or;

“Here are three ideas for three clients you have and this is why I think it would work and what the benefit to them would be. When can we present?”

Be proactive. Understand what you want and where you are going. Have a plan. Be creative and come up with ideas that benefit the agency or their clients. Give them a reason to employ you."


Made by Many is still obsessed, like the rest of the world, with Twitter. This week they've included a beautiful slideshow that was recently presented to a client. Part of the slideshow examines Twitter over time, and now I remember that it certainly didn't look as nice back in 2006, when I met my first Tweeters. The look-back makes me appreciate how quickly things move, develop and improve. The numbers also show that Twitter did the right thing on the technological front; usership increased by 900%! If you have the time, look through this slideshow. Plus, you should look through it anyway because it's a great example of a killer presentation. Ohh, I want to make a presentation like that!

Also check out the fantastic list of things you must see! on Made by Many. I spent an hour just looking through all of the links. You can do a deep web search for yourself and then look at how to publish your very own magazine for free! yay!

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