Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Critique: Week 6

As usual, it's been a pretty busy week. I'm sure you all can relate. The majority of my weekend was spent designing and preparing for the prototype presentations that happened earlier this week. I've learned a lot about redesigning a magazine, but I've also learned a lot about preparing for a presentation like I gave on Monday. I spent some time on the phone with my dad, Mike, a sports architect who's given hundreds, if not thousands, of presentations to current and potential clients. He gave me a lot of helpful advice, and told me not to bribe my audience with cookies. I really wanted to bring you cupcakes. Too bad! Hehe.

Maybe I thrive on having more work than I can possibly imagine, but I've loved planning out this prototype--from the actual design, to the Keynote presentation, to the handouts, it's been a lot of fun putting something like this together. Especially something that I believe in. I thought I'd share a few of my designs and ideas with you.

There were so many great ideas in the presentations. I think we all probably would give that editor (you know who I'm talking about) a run for his money!

I've been working on a few other projects this week. Of course, the grant-writing I've been telling you about: Please check out www.fatecolumbia.com for more information on a fantastic fiber arts event this spring! Also, there is talk of a possible workshop with Orr Street Studios that I'm quite excited about. Finally, I'm so excited to move into the Design Center's new space. It's gorgeous. We have natural light! NATURAL LIGHT! And tons of space and really cool chairs and fun carpet tiles and...and...and...ah!

In the next week I'll be picking up more jobs at the Design Center, working on a splash page for my website that I'm feeling pretty good about, and creating the template for my mini-portfolio, which, I have to say, will knock the socks off your serifs.

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MMP said...

Sarah, your beautiful designs for Renovation Style were only outshone by your presentation of the designs itself. I was very impressed with your organization and level of professionalism. Be careful with the transparent boxes over your photos for text placement. It's a lovely treatment that I like to use as well, but be cautious about photo choices. Also, look at past prototypes to see if anyone else tried this and how it printed. Just in case. Very, very nice work. Love, Meredith (the TA, not the project.)