Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Critique: Week 4

It is Sunday evening (I write my blog every Sunday evening) and I am officially fried. I'm not sure if anymore design could be squeezed from my brain, and I'm really not sure about words either..but here goes nothing.

This week we received our first design assignment from the publishing class. We were asked to design three mini-prototypes of our magazine, complete with covers, logos and department pages. In order to do really productive, exhaustive design work, I always camp-out at the Design Center. And camp-out is what I did for all of my Saturday. At first, I dreaded the assignment, but after a few sketches it felt like certain sparks ignited, and eight hours went by relatively quickly--especially for a Valentine's Day when my valentine was 4,000 miles away. I'm happy with what I developed. Each magazine has a completely different look and feel. I drew inspiration from my handy SPD Annual, magazines such as my go-to Metropolis, and the Hoefler & Frere-Jones type collections. I'm excited to continue perfecting my prototype and adding more for our presentations next week. Here are a couple of department ideas. Same story and same photo, different layout.

Additionally, I've been working on the flyer for a party being given by several campus groups to bring about awareness and advocacy on stopping hunger and poverty. I'm really happy with where the design is going. I wanted to make the imagery reminiscent of blackout curtains from the 40s to show how hunger is being "blacked out." Additionally, the yellow type can be seen as the twinkling lights from behind the curtains, but it also exudes a powerful "call to action" voice. The font itself is functional, but the curves and corners of the type exhibit a certain elegance that is needed for any kind of cocktail party/semi-formal.

Finally, I've been having tons of fun executing my ideas for the March 5 issue of Vox. I've been looking more towards book cover design for this issue, and devouring the work of Chip Kidd. I own his book, Chip Kidd: Book One, Work: 1986–2006, which I have recently been revisiting. It's on my nightstand now, perhaps so I can acquire a bit of his genius through osmosis? Oh, and then there's Chris Ware. I just bought Acme Novelty 19 today, and have been engrossed. His characters and writing are so, i don't know, human but funny and sweet and everything else. Here's a short he did for This American Life:

In the next week I'll be finishing up some preliminary cover designs for Vox, attempting to write grant proposals, editing my magazine prototypes and hashing out some ideas for this year's Epic Magazine, which I'm art directing and designing. Ack! Too much to do. Oh yeah, and about that website.


divine.design said...

So this is kinda about the content of your blog/kinda not. I just have to say that you're pretty amazing. You're doing SO much, and each week, you never fail to execute incredible designs. And I like the animations you posted, they're cute :)

Kristin said...

Sarah, your department pages for the project with the publishing class are really professional looking (did you like that comma after direct address?).

I think my eye leads more to the one with the yellow type, but then again it could be that excellent use of white space too. Also, I think that by bleeding the picture at the top, it makes that whole kitchen(?) look bigger and more impressive.

Great job!

Lyndsey Nelson said...

wow I was completely consumed by that american life animation! Thanks for posting it! Someday I wish I can handle Flash well enough to do that sort of thing haha