Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You Can't Miss This

I saw this music video by the Soft Lightes in the midst of choosing my word/logo for our photography project:

Perfect, right? Kris Moyes directed it . I’ve always found it annoying when music videos literally spell things out, but this is executed so well and creatively that it’s inspiring and fresh. I think the movement of the words helps a lot. If each one were static, the video would be quite stale, but the transitions flow with the music. It’s as if the lyrics and melodies are actually listening to each other.

While we’re on the theme of music videos, I wanted to share this one. It came out over the summer when Radiohead commissioned any interested person to remix “Nude” from their album, In Rainbows. Most people were tripped up by the 6/8 meter in the song, which makes remixing tricky. Many switched the meter to a pretty square, very un-Radiohead 4/4.
Except for this guy, a student who recently graduated from design school in the UK:

Big Ideas (don't get any) from James Houston on Vimeo.

What an incredible compilation of office equipment and sounds! And the look of the video is so beautifully bland. Ahh, I love this.

I’ve discovered that the people of Made by Many have a terrific sense of humor. The website that explores how to be a better website has created burb.fm.

To address the explosion of Twitter with bathroom humor, which is quite clever, since Twitter should have never happened anyway. Who can be that attached to the internet? I’m glad that these guys are asking the same question.

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