Monday, February 16, 2009

Patterns galore!

If you know me at all, you know that I either wear lots of black or lots of patterns. I happen to love both, but I think I'm partial to patterns. Nothing takes the gloom out of winter like bright plaids and florals. Ooh, or maybe some cool, geometric shapes. And nothing leaves me feeling more inspired than Marimekko.

The pattern and textile design at this company is phenomenal. And if you haven't heard the name, you've definitely seen some of its design work via Anthropologie furniture.*

Anyway, the designers that make up the company stick to a design philosophy you can believe in:

"The new fabric patterns originate from the creative ideas of the designer and each new fabric is primarily the result of its designer’s creative effort. The work, however, is not complete until the designer and the various professionals of the production process have jointly tested how the ideas function. The final appearance and spirit of the fabric emerge through co-operation with those making the stencils, working in the colour laboratory and running the printing machines. At Marimekko, all who participate in the production process are among the best in their own fields. "

Every pattern sample is a seasonal breath of fresh air.

*Yes, you did see it last spring at H&M, but the cheap fabrics and bad cuts made it a failed attempt at a tribute.

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