Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Response: Musings on a magazine redesign*

Initially, I wanted to respond to the way I felt when I realized how much stuff I have to do for this class in the next week or so. Now that I've had time to write things down in a planner, freak out and eat several Peppermint Oreo Cookies, I feel slightly better about the situation.

Ooh, and this is completely unrelated, but I would totally consider reading Harry Potter books if they looked like this:

So instead, I will entertain you with my thoughts on what this week's magazine re-design evaluation. I found out that I am really good at coming up with ideas when put on the spot. And while, I don't really like walking into a computer when it's sunny outside and leaving in pitch black, I had a lot of fun with my redesign, and especially looking through stock photography. I've been thinking a lot about what kind of a person would read this magazine. What does a home renovator look like? More and more, I keep leaning towards the idea that these people are younger than the age-group the publication is currently targeting. We are the imaginative, try-anything-once, Readymade-reader-do-it-yourself generation. So, don't 25-34-year-olds deserve a magazine that considers them? I live in a really old apartment. The building is 200 years old, and it has a fascinating history. My walls are literally crumbling and the window frame is actually falling off of the building structure, but I can't get away from the fact that this place--this old place--resonates with history and deserves more. I see potential.

I think the readers of this magazine see potential too. They're not quite sure though, how to knock down the walls. I want to help them figure that out.

*This magazine will not be named for confidentiality purposes.

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