Monday, February 9, 2009

Critique: Week 3

I was visiting my parents in Kansas City over the weekend, and a few things dawned on me:

I would be 22 on February 10.
I am, most likely, lactose intolerant.
I have a lot of design work to sift through in the next few weeks.

I’m sketching out ideas for a website, and getting all of my files in order (because then at least the uploading process will be quick and painless). I really enjoyed going through my work. It’s amazing how style and ability develop so quickly when you’re practicing. It was also hilarious to go through some work from a few years ago. Boy, I sure did like drop shadows! Here are the very first features I ever designed:

Opening feature for Dive Training Magazine, Summer 2006

Opening feature for Dive Training Magazine, Summer 2006

Opening feature for Restaurant Startup & Growth, Summer 2006

Now that I’m a little more tactful with my use Photoshop effects (I hope!), It’s exciting to be able to put all of my work (at least the stuff that deserves to be shown) in one place. Even more, I’m excited to make this Place a virtual version of myself. After all, it’s not only about the work on the website, but also the website itself.

Fun little flyer for IPC. Student Design Center, 2008

Flyer for EMU, MU's English Club. 2008

Additionally, I got a little tired of designing on a computer screen, so this weekend I took some time off from fluorescent lighting to make a few valentines and take some photos.


Hands of my grandparents

It’s nice to get away from the screen and actually create something with my hands. I tend to associate the computer with doing design work for other people, which has been happening a lot lately. So, it was wonderful to step away for a while, enjoy the beautiful weather and do something else.

Also, my best friend, Amber is leaving for the Peace Corps on Thursday. She'll be in Uganda for the next two and a half years. I was so lucky to spent time with her this weekend...and be her teammate at pool!

This week I will begin designing my website, and also figuring out how to write grants for an upcoming project. I’ve spoken to several grant writers who have mentioned the necessity of visual representation in grant applications. I’m interested to see how creative I can get with these. I’ll be working on some ideas for event posters at the Design Center as we prepare to move house. Additionally, I’ll be designing my first department spread for Vox this weekend, and also coming up with a few cover concepts for next week. Oh, and I’ll probably make a few valentines!


Annie Harp said...

While some of those pieces may be your first, I really enjoy them. The one about the restaurants expanding, I mean what a fun idea! I love love the legos. And the type going right along with the angle of the block of restaurants.

The more and more I see of your work, the more and more I am impressed. Will you let me know ahead of time where you will be applying for a job? I would not like to be your competitor in back to back interviews! :0)

Good work and I am so glad you got to see your friend before she left. One of my best girlfriends is in Iraq right now and looking back, the time I got to spend with her before she left was precious.

Philip Prouhet said...


I am very impressed with your beginning features designs. Your skillset covers such a wide array of designs...i am very jealous. Also, the photograph of your grandparents' hands is beautiful. See you tomorrow.

j.vanHorn said...

You worked for Dive Training magazine? Where were they headquartered? Talk about a combination of interests! I'd love to work for a dive magazine (I am working on becoming a dive instructor when I am not in a land-locked state). It would never get boring designing with underwater photography.

Kristin said...

I love seeing all the different projects you are working on (or have worked on) outside of class. It's inspiring when we can begin to feel like design machines pumping out assignment week after week.

I have offered my design skills to an organization I am extremely passionate about. Hopefully that will restore some of my creativity (which I am beginning to think I've lost).