Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You Can't Miss

This week, Made by Many was twittering away. After all, it was Twestival time, and the whole world (including Columbia) took part to raise money for communities to have safe drinking water. I'm not a twitterer...er..that was awkward, however I did love Elin Sjursen's post for aspiring novelists. Writing 140 words each day for a year might make someone a pretty good book. I'm actually surprised the book-o-sphere hasn't picked up on it (or maybe they have) and turned Twitter to the printer. Hehe. See what I did there?

Additionally, you can't miss AIGA's annual salary survey. Check out what designers, art directors and creative directors report they make around the country. It's given me a better idea about what to expect. Although, things might be a little skewed now that the world is in financial turmoil. To cheer yourself up, visit AIGA's archives for loads of inspiration. The organization has been around since 1924. Get your student membership (for cheap!) while you still can. I loved this illustration by Milton Glaser. It's a total shout-out to my personal favorite, Saul Steinberg.



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