Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh, Hi! (The completely un-design related post)

This is my ridiculously cute pup named Kodi. But, I call her Kodi The Snowface Puppy because she loves the snow and loves to put her face in the snow when she pounces on things. She also talks. She can say I love you. Ask me, and I'll show you the video on my cell phone.

Anyway, as if that thought isn't bizarre enough for you, I like thinking about whoever lives in the apartment below mine. I don't know who it is, which makes it fun. I'm almost positive it's a girl. She's currently singing at the top of her lungs. It sounds Whitney Houston-esque. Oooh, she just hit a high note. Yesterday she was watching 30 Rock. Hmm, I dropped a whole load of books on the floor this morning. Hope they didn't wake her up!

2 comments: said...

Aww...she's so pretty! I've always wanted a dog like her! I love that she sister's dog says "Yes, please," and "Thanks you," when she get's a treat!

ann said...

i woof ew