Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The week isn’t finished and I’m already exhausted. It’s felt excessively demanding. My final layout for the January 29 feature on the economy was printed on Thursday. When the morning Vox finally appeared on stands rolled around, I had completely forgotten. Luckily, I managed to pick up a few copies for my portfolio:

I’ve been engrossed with the large and intimidating task to design the feature for the February 5 issue of Vox. It’s essentially a 9-page, glorified calendar of events for the next four months. I’ve been working on the spread with another designer, Philip. Originally we thought we had a good idea, but after critiques last Thursday, we were sent back to the drawing board. We spent nearly 24 hours in the Vox office this weekend designing. We’re pooped. I think my eyes might fall out of my head if I look at a computer screen much longer tonight, but at least we have a smart, snarky (dare we say Voxy?) concept and design. Here is a before and after of the splash page:



Here is the first opening spread of Spring Reminders:

Also, I thought I’d show you my cover concept for Spring Preview. While I would have liked to work on it more, the feature is the big priority right now.

And in other cover news, here is a different version of last week's Indie Bands cover for the competition. I'm feel okay about. I think I need some more time to hash out exactly how I want it to look:

Finally, I hope you’ve had a look at a few of the photos I’ve taken this week. I spent a lot of time wandering my apartment, looking for things I might have passed by on any ordinary day.

This next week will be intense. I didn’t get into the Design Center nearly enough last week, so I’ll be making up hours now. Additionally, it’s time to start shooting more pieces for my portfolio, so I’ll be busting out the SLR and the lightbox. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to present my mini portfolio, and have been using Fully Booked as a reference guide. I think I’ll start researching papers and materials to figure out how to present my original work in an even more creative and bespoke way.


Victoria Millner said...

Love the new spring preview color palette. I like how the primary colors are still worked in, but they're toned down a bit. Nice job.

chelsea said...

I loveeee the new cover you redesigned! It successfully gets the message across, while at the same time looking kind of like a vintage-inspired concert poster itself.

Eric said...

I really like the new spring preview. I think it's a great, fresh new idea for a subject that's been in VOX every year.
Great job.

Philip Prouhet said...


The Spring Preview looks great. It seems like a project that I would have loved to be involved with. Your creative mind is something to be reckoned with.

Aimee said...

I personally was a huge fan of your cover concept for the spring preview, which might have gotten overlooked under your equally brilliant work on the inside spreads. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying this, but you do amazing work!

Maggie Searcy said...

Great job with the spring preview. The new splash page is eye-grabbing and has great informative connection to the entire story. The time you guys put into it definitely paid off. I especially like the color and section grouping, ads another level for sure.

divine.design said...

So, I think I'm obsessed with the splash page of the Spring Preview you guys created. It just looks so cool, and I love the concept of it! I also love your new, interesting take on the indie rock cover.

Annie Harp said...

I think you and Phillip did such a fantastic job on the spring preview. What a daunting task to take on! I know I've only been previewing your work now in classes for three weeks, but I have to just say you are extremely talented.

Christy Solberg said...

Beautiful feature spreads for Spring Preview...I know you both worked very hard on this and it payed off! It shows off your wonderful talent and creativity in design.

Jena Lene said...

Great job on spring preview (like everyone has said)...so I'll comment on your profiles feature. Great job with the type treatment. I think throughout all of your work you have a great talent for picking the right font and using type to your advantage. I also really like your redesign of the music cover...cool concept.