Monday, February 9, 2009


I found this image via Quipsologies. Although, we watched Helvetica last Tuesday, I thought an actual magazine ad warranted a post. It’s funny that New York Times Magazine did a similar spread. Ooh, but you can see that in class!

Helvetica wasn’t only the face behind a typographic revolution but also a way of rethinking it all.

Speaking of the New York Times Magazine, I’ve had a great time preparing for the presentation on Tuesday. It was so fun to sit all the way up in 4 East of Ellis Library and sift through all of the old magazines. I checked out a month of bound editions and brought it home for the weekend to do some heavy-duty scanning. After an early birthday dinner with my family, we had a fantastic time rifling through all of the ads and stories. Even though December 31, 1969 was the cutoff date for our project, I stayed close to the end of the 1960s. It was such an interesting time. The Vietnam War, the influence of Pop Art and the space race were all addressed within the pages of the magazine, and it’s fascinating to see how editorial visually coped with the dynamism of the age.

Also, I’m reading an incredible book called Seven Days in the Art World, by Sarah Thornton.

I want to be this woman. She spent five years compiling more than 250 interviews with people from all over the art world. Curators, art dealers, historians, critics and the artists themselves all shape this piece into seven major narratives. Each one addresses a different aspect of the art world on a different day. Thornton takes us to the auction houses of New York. Then to the Tate Britain for the Turner Prize. Later on we visit Takashi Murakami’s studios in Japan. All of the book is a whirlwind tour through a world that loves its exclusivity. I wonder if she needs an assistant….

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